Agile Delivery

To deliver optimal outcomes for your business our Agile delivery experts are on hand to partner with you and your people.

We excel at creating thriving teams that produce exceptional business value, and help you to create a clear vision, manage priorities, and maintain project focus so teams are united on how to maximise value.

As new information arises we’ll support you in continually adapting and improving to reach long-term goals. We can facilitate the formation of teams, transparency of work, creation of feedback loops, engagement of stakeholders, and delivery of high-quality increments.

Our kind and proactive team is skilled in complex project delivery. We strike a balance by combining Agile, Scrum, and Kanban principles while considering their respective trade-offs. Our experience extends to surrogate Product Ownership, multi-team reporting and oversight, and adapting to flavours of Lean, XP, and DevOps engineering practices. We tailor these practical approaches to best suit the unique needs of your organization and team.

We never tire of hearing from clients that our Agile delivery experts are a crucial part of making secure software delivery exponentially more effective. We’re proud to be a part of your success.

Agile Delivery

Shortening feedback loops with users, stakeholders, and team members to respond to an ever-changing landscape

Product Ownership

Creating a clear vision, articulating priorities, and sharpening focus so teams understand the bigger picture

Team Health

Developing cultures of collaboration, trust, and transparency that bring out the best in your talent

What our clients say about us:

Assistance in supporting our Agile team has provided invaluable.

Senior VP - Cloud Security, Multinational Bank

I cannot ask for better people: they are driven to improve, help and collaborate.

Director - Cloud Security, Multinational Bank

You deliver and set standards in a way that others struggle to match.

Director - Cloud Security, Multinational Bank
Group of 5, sat at a desk, looking towards whiteboard, with sticky notes, planning.

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Delivery expertise and security SMEs unlock optimal outcomes for your people and projects.

Frequently asked questions

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Technology is only as valuable as its ability to be delivered and, often, when working with clients, we find that delivery is exponentially more effective when working with an Agile specialist. Whether it’s the complexity of an organisation, siloed teams, or the existing culture that hinders progress, our Agile specialists are skilled at partnering with people, focusing on value, breaking down impediments, and enabling the desired results of the engagement to be achieved.

We understand that effective delivery requires a deep and personal understanding of the organisational landscape and its people, so we take a tailored and flexible approach to each engagement, acting as your partner in co-creating change. With the ability to go above and beyond report generation where agreed, we have a history of partnering with organisations in a practical way, acting as catalysts and facilitators in value creation and continuous improvement.

We suggest that any engagement seeking to adapt to evolving information and improve delivery should consider integrating an Agile specialist into their team. Alongside our expertise in delivering secure platforms and systems, we also provide tailored DevOps cultural change services for clients prioritising people and processes.

We have a long-standing track record of successful client engagements, varying from working in multinational, regulated environments to smaller, dynamic tech companies. We have numerous examples of how we have improved time to market, product quality, and delivery predictability by creating shared goals, emphasising collaboration, and enhancing a team’s ability to innovate. If you’d like to see our past success stories, please read our case studies here.