Accelerate Adoption, Reduce Risks

Secure Your AI Advantage

Assess and strengthen the security of your AI/ML models, their MLOps pipelines, and the systems they enable. We keep you compliant with inbound legislation and evolving requirements.

MLOps System Security Health Check

Security essentials to get you in production, fast

1 week  fixed cost

A single AI/ML application or integration assessment

  • AI/ML model or system security review
  • Executive summary
  • Detailed categorised findings
  • Actionable recommendations
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MLOps System Threat Model

A roadmap to securing your production-level AI/ML applications

3 weeks  fully customisable

For organisations scaling AI/ML operations in production environments

  • Everything in the Security Health Check
  • AI/ML risk review
  • Data privacy and security analysis
  • Comprehensive attack trees
  • Controls mapping
  • In-depth remediations
  • Collaborative roadmap
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Bespoke integrations? We've got you covered

Our security experts can tailor your AI security assessment based on your requirements and use cases.

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Manage AI Existential Risk

Risk starts with data and ends with production, our experienced threat
modelling teams can guide you through threat identification and mitigation.

Bridge AI strategy from board level through dev and operations with
comprehensive AI risk management: data, training, architecture, and production.

Secure Your Advantage

Accelerate AI Adoption Securely

Increase stakeholder confidence with our comprehensive MLSecOps framework for securing AI/ML models, their MLOps pipelines and data, and the systems they enable.

AI Data Supply Chain
Learn how to secure the integrations between your AI solutions and the critical supply chains they rely on
Model output monitoring and detection
Promote visibility and establish oversight into the integrity and provenance of the AI/ML models you use in your environments
Reference Architecture
Built to industry best practices with vendor-specific guidelines to securely accelerate AI/ML applications
Compliance and Regulatory Conformance
Confidently adopt AI with inbound legislation in mind to stay ahead of evolving compliance requirements

Customizable Packages to Fit Your Needs

AI Security Packages

Our packages build on each other to provide the level of support you need.

OfferingEnvironmentKey FocusOutputs
MLOps System Security Health CheckSingle AI/ML model or enabled system, prior to going liveQuick identification and remediation of key deficienciesKey discovery and remediation report
MLOps System Threat ModelProduction-level AI-enabled system that integrates with either pre-existing or proprietary ML modelsComprehensive analysis of the security threats facing the organisation’s AI assets supported by an actionable remediations roadmapDetailed threat modelling and remediation report

Embedding Security Early in Your AI/ML Journey

Increase stakeholder confidence and rest assured that you are not overlooking the security of your AI/ML-enabled system throughout the development lifecycle.


  • Direct access to experienced security professionals
  • Quick identification and remediation of security issues
  • Accelerated AI development lifecycle

Who’s it For?

Organisations in the final stages of launching or currently developing an AI/ML-enabled system.

  • Single AI/ML application
  • Experimental stages or preparing to go live
  • Alignment to emerging regulations and best practices

Customer Journey

We assist you step-by-step with continuous support to keep your AI/ML system secure.

  • Scenario-based threat modelling for current and future attacks
  • Adversarial Machine Learning and model red-teaming
  • Industry best practices at all stages of the SDLC
  • Effective remediation support

Establish Secure AI, Protect Against Adversaries

Secure your AI/ML-enabled systems as they scale to meet your operational needs and inevitably become attractive targets for attackers.


  • Detailed and bespoke assessment against compliance policies and industry guidelines
  • Comprehensive threat analysis of your AI system
  • Actionable roadmap to improve your security posture

Who’s it For?

Zeroing in on the security of the AI/ML model itself, its supply chain and interactions with APIs, and integration with your operational framework, this service is suitable for organizations integrating AI with critical systems.

  • Custom ML models and APIs
  • Generative AI integrations and data privacy
  • Data supply chain security
  • Alignment to emerging regulations and industry best practices

Customer Journey

Our deep expertise in financial services data handling enables detailed assessments of system and data risks. We are your security partners as you advance your AI adoption.

  • Scenario-based threat modelling for current and future attacks
  • Organisational AI adoption risk review and maturity assessment
  • Operational AI and supply chain security
  • Adversarial Machine Learning and model red-teaming
  • Model controls, indicators of compromise, and SOC/SIEM integration
  • Industry best practices at all stages of the SDLC
  • Implementation support for remediation and controls
  • Detailed risk mitigation roadmap

At the Forefront of Secure AI Adoption

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Frequently asked questions

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We can do either, depending on the specific needs of the organisation.
We have gathered all current best practices and recommendations to provide a framework that covers all best practices for an AI/ML project, including conventional ones like supply chain security, to AI-specific guardrails. If a customer needs to assess against a specific framework, we can customise the engagement accordingly.