Nuaware: Nurturing Expertise with Secure Container and Kubernetes Training

How a software vendor reduced sales cycle time with client training
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About Nuaware

Nuaware is a specialist Dev(Sec)Ops, Cloud, and Cloud-native technologies distributor. As a leading provider in the industry, Nuaware offers tailored solutions and services to empower businesses with cutting-edge cloud-native technologies. Their focus on delivering high-quality training programs enables customers to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of container and Kubernetes deployments.

Nurturing Expertise with Secure Container and Kubernetes Training

Nuaware sought to empower their customers with the knowledge and skills needed for secure and efficient adoption of next-generation container and Kubernetes technologies. However, they faced a challenge - how to provide high-quality, comprehensive training that blends deep technical expertise with practical experience. With limited training resources covering heterogeneous computing environments, they needed assistance to meet the growing demand for such training.

Nuaware was unable to provide customers with the necessary training due to a lack of experienced Kubernetes and cloud native trainers. They were also struggling to meet the demand for their services and this affected their business opportunities, as customers looked to fully understand the cloud native landscape before starting to evolve their platforms to next generation technologies.


Nuaware recognised the need to deliver comprehensive training on container and Kubernetes operations and security. The challenges they faced included:

  • Difficulty maintaining a team of trainers with a comprehensive knowledge of container and Kubernetes operations and security
  • Limited availability of resources to cover all aspects of cloud native infrastructures


ControlPlane leveraged their existing training materials to deliver a comprehensive suite of client enablement training, including:

  • Development of training modules that addressed the technical challenges of securing Kubernetes deployments
  • Incorporation of practical exercises into training to provide deep hands-on experience
  • Delivery of training in-person and online to cater for all delivery requirements
  • Engineering a self-service Kubernetes infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for trainees
  • Use of the Credly platform for issuing badges to attendees to recognise their participation

Business Outcomes

ControlPlane’s solutions had a significant impact on the project, yielding the following outcomes:

  • Successful organisation of several training workshops focusing on container and Kubernetes operations and security since 2020
  • Consistently attracted a large number of attendees, indicating high demand for this specialised training
  • Acquired practical skills through hands-on exercises, which enhanced their ability to run and secure containerized deployments effectively

Luke Hasty, CEO of Nuaware, says:

ControlPlane’s trainings have been invaluable for our customers: the practical exercises and hands-on experience have enabled them to confidently manage and secure their containerized deployments. I highly recommend their services to any organization looking to nurture expertise in secure container and Kubernetes technologies.

ControlPlane’s experience in cloud native security and long history of delivering technical training filled the gap left by Nuaware’s limited resources and expertise. With the successful delivery of the training modules, Nuaware was able to meet the increasing demand for container and Kubernetes operations and security training, benefiting their business and customer base.

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