Enterprise-Level Secure Continuous Delivery

Empower Your Kubernetes Deployments with ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD

ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD enhances the security and stability of Kubernetes deployments through comprehensive security assurance, including rigorous bitstream remediation and compliance with required regulatory standards such as FIPS 140-2 validated BoringSSL for Flux CD. Our enterprise-grade technical support and services ensure reliable notifications and patches, along with assistance whenever our customers need it.

Our first commitment to Flux CD and GitOps
FIPS 140-2 compliance for continuous delivery
12 months of support for Kubernetes LTS
0 K8s releases
Our commitment to open source sustainability

Flux D1 Reference GitOps Architecture

Best practices and production ready examples for complex multi-tenant multi-cluster environments.

Everything you need

Comprehensive GitOps Support

Hardened Distroless Containers
Images and security configuration for the Flux CD GitOps Toolkit controllers
SBOM and CVE Patching
In-sync with upstream releases, continuous scanning and CVE patching for Flux CD container images
FIPS-Compliant Builds
FIPS 140-2 validated BoringSSL builds of Flux CD in dedicated images
Extended Kubernetes Compatibility
Active maintenance and support for Flux CD controllers against the last six minor Kubernetes releases
Enterprise Image Repositories
Highly available, OCI-compliant secure image repositories
Kubernetes CSP Compatibility
Assured compatibility with managed Kubernetes platforms provided by Cloud Service Providers
Professional Services
Our team provides best-in-class expertise to securely design, deploy, and operate your Flux CD instances at scale
Flexible Pricing Model
We understanding our customers' diverse needs and offer flexible packages for a wide range of deployments

Benefits of ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD

• Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance: ControlPlane's hardened, distroless container images and FIPS-compliant builds enhance open-source projects with robust security measures and regulatory compliance.

• Seamless Integration and Reliability: With a zero-downtime transition to ControlPlane Enterprise and extended Kubernetes compatibility, ensure your GitOps workflows are stable and efficient.

• Access and Assurance: Our OCI-compliant artifact registry provides highly available access to enterprise images and SBOMs, paired with continuous CVE scanning and patching for peace of mind.

• Comprehensive Technical Services: Benefit from round-the-clock technical expertise, continuous updates on Flux CD, and extended services including training, architectural reviews, and security audits.


Flexible Pricing for Diverse Needs

At ControlPlane, we understand that organizations come in various sizes and have different requirements, especially when it comes to managing and securing their Kubernetes deployments using GitOps principles. Our goal is to provide exceptional value to our customers while also contributing positively to the open-source project, Flux CD. ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD is designed to meet this dual objective by offering a hardened, enterprise-grade distribution and support services that go beyond what the open-source project provides.

Our pricing model is designed to accommodate a range of organisational needs, from small teams to large enterprises. Choose the annual package that best fits your requirements.

1 cluster (10 nodes)


10 clusters (100 nodes)


25 clusters (250 nodes)


100 clusters (1000 nodes)


Packages are available for purchase in packs of 1, 10, and 25 clusters, providing hardened ControlPlane releases and round-the-clock support. Direct purchase options are available, with plans to extend availability through partner marketplaces soon.

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Supporting Sustainable Open Source

ControlPlane sponsors the development of the upstream CNCF Flux CD project, providing engineering expertise through original author and core maintainer Stefan Prodan, our colleagues, test infrastructure, security assurance, and technical support. Our contributions to the open source community aims to enhance the Flux CD project for the entire community and ensure its long-term sustainability.

Ready to Elevate Your GitOps with Flux CD?

Embark on a transformative journey with us towards a more secure, compliant, and supported Flux CD environment.

  • Discover: Join a workshop to explore how ControlPlane can meet your specific needs and objectives
  • Collaborate: Receive a tailored proposal that outlines how our solutions align with your challenges and budget
  • Pilot: Test ControlPlane Enterprise in your environment to experience firsthand the benefits and enhancements it brings to your GitOps practices

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