ControlPlane is a uniquely positioned container security and continuous delivery consultancy. We audit, train, and implement solutions for organisations as diverse as FTSE 100, government, financial, and small startups, enabling them to utilise modern cloud native infrastructure securely, rapidly, and efficiently.

We are looking for technical practitioners who can work with our clients and the team to deliver these projects and help establish ControlPlane as a world-class technical thought leader.

Equally importantly, we’re looking for people of the highest personal calibre, with a good work ethic, keenness to learn, emotional maturity and respect, and who embrace human diversity of all kinds. As one of our early employees you will help us to build a company culture of which we can all be proud. If you espouse these values, we want you!

Infrastructure Engineer

ControlPlane’s Engineers are expected to perform a mix of on-site client consulting, working on internal labs projects, and contributing to Open Source projects on ControlPlane’s behalf.

ControlPlane’s approach to infrastructure and delivery workflows is to build and assert everything as a pipeline, therefore a strong continuous delivery focus is required.

You will deliver containerised infrastructure solutions for our clients, largely focused on Kubernetes, Istio, Terraform, and Jenkins, and bring our trademark high security and quality standards by default to everything you do. These standards are well-defined and documented, and you will receive full support from us in helping you to understand, adopt, and embrace them.

An an Engineer at ControlPlane, you will:

  • Work on cutting-edge projects with organisations in the FTSE 100, government, and startups
  • Engage with a diverse range of people and security requirements both on clients’ sites and remotely, with opportunities for international travel
  • Deliver value to our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible: we aspire to optimise our processes and workflows to escape the perception of sluggish delivery often associated with the enterprise security industry
  • Collaborate with our experienced engineers to benefit from their guidance and tuition, and strive to heighten the quality of our implementations through continuous learning and deeper technical understanding (we provide a training budget)
  • Mentor and guide junior engineers, fostering a culture of continuous learning throughout the organisation
  • Establish meaningful expertise with: application and infrastructure security; Devops and Site Reliability Engineering principles and practices; Docker, Kubernetes, and associated cloud native technologies; continuous delivery, security, and improvement
  • Work with lots of different platforms: our customers use AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean, and their own data centres, and we are expected to demonstrate our expertise in each of these environments. Full training and certification opportunities will be provided, and you are free to choose your own course through them
  • Enhance your skills by proposing and implementing technical solutions to our customers’ varied, wide-ranging, and interesting problems
  • Deliver training to our customers in our areas of specialism
  • Be supported and trained to present your work at meetups and conferences, should you want to
  • Work with some of the best technologists in the industry. We have an extensive network of experienced engineers and partners, and we intend to build out the strongest, most diverse team in our market
  • Contribute to the strategic direction and cultural DNA of the company by reflecting on the work we’re doing and how we’re doing it. We’re an agile organisation with a strong culture of feedback, self-improvement, and continuous learning
  • Be furnished with the experience to pursue your chosen career path. We will work with you to understand your ambition, and we can shape your role to progress your goals, within the remit of the company

Successful candidates for this role will have:

  • Engaging communications skills and the ability to communicate clearly and precisely
  • Experience deploying, securing, and maintaining cloud native orchestrators (Kubernetes, Docker, Mesos, &c.)
  • A passion for high-quality engineering and Doing Things Right, with the graceful and implicit understanding that every solution is a compromise and there is no One True Way
  • Strong engineering opinions loosely held, a Continuous Improvement mindset, and a desire to learn and be challenged at the bleeding edge of next-generation application and infrastructure delivery
  • Expertise with, or the ability to master under tuition: Linux security subsystems and internals; application and network security protocols; common vulnerabilities and attacks, and their modelling, mitigation, and defence
  • A desire to engage with the open source community, contribute to projects, and bring value to our customers through testing, documenting, and merging your work upstream to ensure its longevity
  • An intrinsic test-first outlook: from individual units of functionality to complex distributed systems, encompassing everything from non-functional requirements to security assertions
  • The capacity to ingest and regurgitate programming languages as our projects and clients require, with a current portfolio of Go, Python, Node, and BASH (justifications available on request)
  • An aptitude for absorbing, understanding, and working with new concepts and technologies. The cloud native landscape moves very quickly, and an ability to adapt is critical to staying relevant. You do not need to be able to single-handedly engineer code and infrastructure, but rather be able to work in a team to deliver as a cohesive unit, while growing your own skills along the way. You only need a willingness to learn, engage, and practice
  • Excitement to build and shape our development team by assisting in our hiring efforts and coaching our engineers

What we offer:

  • Generous and competitive salary
  • Biannual salary review
  • Discretionary team bonus
  • 25 days of holidays, along with the 8 days of bank holidays (requests for holidays beyond this quota will be considered on a case-by-case basis). Plus additional Christmas closure to save these days for the rest of the year (client permitting)
  • Statutory pension contribution
  • In the event of a change in familial circumstances (i.e. having a child), we will amend your contract with appropriate clauses relating to childcare support that both parties will negotiate and agree
  • Cycle to Work scheme
  • Travel expenses
  • Flexible working programmes, insofar as customer engagements permit. We’re on a mission to design a workplace where experimentation is encouraged and supported. There is no one model to fit all so feel free to talk to us about what you need
  • Minimum of £2k individual training budget for personal development, including but not limited to:
    • Conferences (some provided outside of this allocation)
    • Training (books, courses, coaching, internal training excluded from budget)
    • Qualifications (ControlPlane-funded exams excluded, i.e. cloud-provider certifications)

For more information please contact us.

Graduate Engineer

We are looking for Graduate Engineers that would like to fulfil the role of Engineer, but do not yet have the necessary experience.

We believe strongly in people over experience, and will always have availablilty for graduate engineers or those wishing to change careers from a discipline in which they have excelled.

As a company dedicated to nurturing expertise, both with clients and in public trainings, we welcome any individual with a willingness to learn, engage, and practice in order to extend their skill set.

For more information please contact us.

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