Container Security Basics at Securi-Tay 2024

By Iain Smart

Container Security is a hugely complex area, and it’s often difficult to know where to begin. Alongside Datadog’s Senior Security Advocate, Rory McCune, ControlPlane’s Principal Consultant Iain Smart delivered an introductory session at Abertay Hackers’ Securi-Tay which covered the basics of this space.

Over 40 attendees the workshop, which focussed on Docker containers and their use in modern development. The content then went on to cover the core components which would be useful to an attacker, and are essential to protect as a defender, before wrapping up with some examples of hacks against intentionally vulnerable infrastructure.

These modules provided a taste of what is involved in running, securing, and attacking Containers and Kubernetes based environments. The workshop touched on areas ControlPlane can assist with, including Red Teaming and Penetration Testing exercises and further detailed training and learning, are what will bring security to your containerised projects.

A copy of the slides is available here.

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