ControlPlane and Scott Logic Collaborate on Scottish Government Identity and Payments Systems

By Andrew Martin

Our collaboration with the superb team at Scott Logic on the Scottish Government’s payment and identity systems is published. £20m processed in initial private beta, protecting citizen data and significantly reducing security risk, with ControlPlane securing and assuring:

🏗️ Security Architecture (threat modelling, solution design, proposal review, security controls)

✔️ Security by Design integrated with Agile ways of working (DevSecOps, secure developer experience)

🔔 SecOps (monitoring, alerting, incident response, vulnerability management, use case creation, SOC integration, training and workshop)

🛡️ Security Assurance alongside the fantastic team from 360 Defence (Information Risk Advisory, transforming low-level risk into tangible threats and controls)

🕵️ Pen Test and ad-hoc security scoping and remediation

🌐 Cyber Threat Intel and OSINT (emerging technologies and attack vectors, including security risk and feedback around AI against IDV services)

Huge thanks to all the teams involved, and congratulations to Scott Logic on another successful delivery 🎉

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