ControlPlane backs the CNCF Flux Project by Employing Maintainers

By Andrew Martin

TL;DR: see the new ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD offering.

We believe that Open Source maintainers, as the progenitors and stewards of the code run in production on critical systems, require the support of a commercial organisation to ensure project sustainability. After the sad closure of the long-standing cloud native stalwart WeaveWorks, bringing the commitment of longevity and sustainability to the CNCF Flux project was of paramount importance to ControlPlane.

Offering complementary support and enterprise security services is ControlPlane’s way of mutually reinforcing the commercial success of the core Flux CD technology: for our clients, the maintainers, and the established user base of the open source Flux project.

ControlPlane believes in the declarative nature of configuration reconciliation as the solution to configuration drift, and bases security on relentless automation. Our clients agree, and the GitOps methodology is embedded deeply into countless delivery and security programmes worldwide.

In support of this mission ControlPlane is excited to welcome Stefan Prodan and Soule Ba as new employees, to continue their contributions to the Flux open-source project, a cornerstone of our offerings. We support Flux maintainers by funding development and hardware, infrastructure for integration and testing at scale, conference and community interaction, and we will release additional resources including Hardening Guides and Policy Packs to enhance GitOps security for users.

When starting Flux v2 in 2020, the goal was to design a continuous delivery system with a strong focus on security. I’m grateful to Andy and ControlPlane for giving me the chance to continue to drive Flux forward on this path.

Stefan Prodan - Core maintainer of the Flux CD project

ControlPlane provides an annual subscription to Enterprise for Flux CD featuring enhanced security and assurance, supported by professional service offerings, and is firmly committed to continued, sustainable development of the open source Flux project for all current and future users.

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