Flux CD - D1 Reference Architecture

By Andrea Martino

ControlPlane’s commitment to supporting the Flux Project continues.

We present the d1 reference architecture and Design 1 Reference Architecture Guide, our first set of best practices and production ready examples for complex multi-tenant multi-cluster environments. This git repository and implementation guide will show how Flux can help you:

🏗️ Orchestrate the delivery of applications and infrastructure workloads across multi-tenant clusters while catering to the different teams and stakeholders within an organisation.

🔑 Leverage on GitHub fine-grained Personal Access Tokens and Kubernetes RBAC for segregating responsibilities and access between platform, services, and application teams while maintaining security and compliance in a multi-tenant environment.

🆕 Automate the delivery process of applications and infrastructure workloads packaged as Helm OCI Artifacts to the staging environment while enabling gated promotion to production by leveraging GitHub Pull Requests.

The supporting Design 1 Reference Architecture Guide delves into the intricacies of Flux CD, aiding in building a comprehensive understanding of its functionality, implementation, and best practices. It includes essential background information, detailing the prerequisites and suitability of Flux CD for various organisational setups. And by outlining user personas and roles, it elucidates how Flux CD integrates into team dynamics, ensuring a customised implementation approach.

The guide is available here.

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