KubeCon NA 2022 - Techstrong TV interview

By Jaymie Thomas

As part of KubeCon NA 2022 in Detroit, ControlPlane Founder & CEO Andrew Martin sat down with Techstrong TV’s Mitch Ashley to discuss:

00:25 Hacking Kubernetes book, an introduction to ControlPlane and its history

02:33 London as a base for working with customers in highly-regulated industries

04:22 Kubernetes security need-to-knows and misconceptions - a container is not a security boundary

07:09 The variety of solution options posing an opportunity for accidental misconfigurations, using frameworks like CUE to separate data and schema, and writing tests for that configuration

08:00 Why write Hacking Kubernetes, the O’Reilly reference book on Kubernetes security, and what does it cover?

10:15 Where’s the best place to get the book? Is there a preview available?

Watch the full interview.

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