Navigating Cloud Security and Automation with Eficode

By Andrew Martin

Andy Martin joined Marc and Darren on the DevOps Sauna podcast to discuss the challenges of securing Kubernetes at different user levels and the constantly evolving security practices within the DevOps ecosystem.

They explored cloud and container security, supply chain security, cloud configuration management, and the critical role of relentless security automation in DevSecOps. The conversation also covered the integration of development teams with security operations to ‘shift left’ and embed security practices into CI/CD pipelines, alongside the future of human and AI security integration:

  • ControlPlane: Cloud Native security and automation approaches
  • DevSecOps and automation scripting with OSCAL
  • Security automation scripting and YARA rules
  • Preventative pipeline controls, runtime controls, and remediation with AI integration
  • The challenges of cloud agnosticism with Terraform
  • Dynamic system acceptance testing and AI-driven security measures
  • Outsmarting the average SBOM
  • Challenges posed by SBOMs in accurately detecting dependencies due to version pinning and dependency blindness
  • Different standards like CycloneDX and SPDX for SBOMs, capturing various levels of dependencies and vulnerabilities

The full transcript is available on the Eficode website, where you can listen to the episode.

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