VEXing challenges - ControlPlane at the Open Source Summit Europe 2022, Dublin

By Jaymie Thomas

ControlPlane will be making an appearance at this year’s Open Source Summit Europe in Dublin, along with friends and collaborators from across the cloud native and open source community.

CEO Andrew Martin (@sublimino) will be speaking about VEX security document formats and the automated exploitation of open source software, with long-time open source collaborator AndrΓ©s Vega (@invariantly). Their talk is on Wednesday 14 September at 14:20 (UTC+1).

In addition, OpenUK, the open source advocacy charity, will be running a stand in the vendor hall to advance the mission of open source collaboration and fair pay for maintainers β€” ControlPlane contributes time and money to the cause, and we would be happy to discuss the things you can do to help at the OpenUK booth (S27). Come find us!

ControlPlane’s Head of Security, Rowan Baker, will also be present along with ControlPlane security engineers. We enjoy difficult problems and complex techno-social interactions and would be happy to discuss how our consultancy could address your needs - either at the conference itself, or in the Guinness Storehouse at the all-attendee party!

See you there!

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