An evening of network security

By Jaymie Thomas

On Tuesday 8 November, we welcomed members of the Tailscale team to London, where we enjoyed an evening of conversation around network security at The Long Arm Pub on Worship Street.

Talk 1

First up were Salman Aljammaz and Kristoffer Dalby of Tailscale, who told us “Why I Love DNS”.

This often-overlooked protocol has had surprisingly few updates in its lifetime, and the duo went in-depth covering not only the well-known A and CNAME records, but explaining how DNAMES work, and discussing upcoming RFCs for further DNS changes.

Talk 2

Next, our own James Cleverley-Prance explained - and demonstrated - “Three Surprising Kubernetes Networking ‘Features’ - And How To Defend Against Them”. These non-obvious and counter-intuitive behaviours were both explained and demonstrated, and are worth knowing about. You can watch this talk online from KubeCon EU 2022.

Panel Discussion

Finally, Maya Kaczorowski of Tailscale’s Product Team moderated a panel discussion on cloud-native network security, with contributions from software developers Matt Turner of Tetrate, Tom D’Netto from Tailscale, and Security Architect Dr James Callaghan from ControlPlane.

The topics here ranged from the introductory “So what is cloud-native security?” to tales, tips and advice from each of the contributors’ experiences, and was a great way to round-off the evening.

Our thanks to the awesome Tailscale team for a fun evening - we’re already looking forward to the next one!

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