Tangible Value with ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD

By ControlPlane

TL;DR: see the new ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD offering.

At ControlPlane, we understand that organizations come in various sizes and have different operational, security, and regulatory requirements, especially when it comes to managing and securing their Kubernetes deployments using GitOps principles. Our goal is to provide exceptional value to our customers while also contributing positively to the open-source project, Flux CD.

ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD is designed to meet this dual objective by offering a hardened, enterprise-grade distribution and complementary support services that go beyond what the open-source project provides.

  • Hardened distroless container images and security configuration for the Flux CD GitOps Toolkit controllers
  • SBOMs in-sync with upstream Flux CD releases
  • Continuous scanning and CVE patching for Flux CD container base images
  • SLAs for remediation of critical vulnerabilities with signed VEX documentation
  • FIPS-compliant Flux CD builds based on FIPS 140-2 validated BoringSSL
  • Extended compatibility of Flux CD controllers for the last six minor Kubernetes releases
  • Enterprise, OCI-compliant secure image repositories
  • Assured compatibility with Kubernetes provided by Cloud Service Providers

ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD enhances the security and stability of Kubernetes deployments through comprehensive security assurance, including rigorous bitstream remediation and compliance with required regulatory standards such as FIPS 140-2 validated BoringSSL for FIPS-compliant Flux CD builds.

Our enterprise-grade technical support and services ensure reliable notifications and patches, along with assistance whenever our customers need it. And our highly-experienced Professional Services team provides best-in-class expertise to securely design, deploy, and operate your Flux CD instances.

Flux CD and the GitOps Toolkit

Flux CD follows the GitOps approach, managing infrastructure and applications by describing the entire system declaratively and version-controlling it, likely in a Git or OCI repository. It keeps Kubernetes clusters in sync with sources of configuration and automates updates to configuration when there is new code to deploy. The GitOps Toolkit, a specialized set of tools and APIs under the fluxcd GitHub organization, is designed for building efficient Continuous Delivery systems in Kubernetes using GitOps principles.

Seamless Transition and Highly Available Artifact Registry

We ensure a zero-downtime transition from CNCF Flux CD to ControlPlane Enterprise for Flux CD, with full compatibility requiring only a simple patch to deploy manifests. Our enterprise distribution hosting offers easy access and mirroring of Flux CD enterprise images and SBOMs in an OCI-compliant registry.

Flexible Pricing Model

Understanding the diverse needs of organizations, we offer flexible annual pricing packages:

  • 1 cluster / 10 nodes - $15,000
  • 10 clusters / 100 nodes - $75,000
  • 25 clusters / 250 nodes - $125,000
  • 100 clusters / 1000 nodes - $500,000

These can be purchased directly from ControlPlane, availability extended to our partners’ marketplaces soon. Packages are available on a cluster or node basis, providing hardened ControlPlane releases and round-the-clock support.

About Us

ControlPlane is a globally recognized cybersecurity and DevOps consulting and advisory firm, specializing in cloud native expertise for regulated industries. Our clients include multinational banks, major public clouds, international financial and accountancy institutions, critical national infrastructure programs, healthcare and insurance providers, and global media firms. Our proven expertise lies in the architecture, audit, and implementation of zero-trust and cloud native infrastructure, with a profound understanding of secure-by-design and secure-by-default principles in cloud environments, Kubernetes, and supply chain security. We have been hardening GitOps deployments since 2017, and we are proud to be a part of the Flux CD community.

We have enhanced our portfolio to include a hardened and secure iteration of the CNCF Flux CD project, a mechanism for continuous and progressive delivery solutions, reinforcing our dedication to open source solutions. Operating from London, New York, and Auckland, ControlPlane ensures global support coverage. As a trusted partner, we aid organizations in securing their mission-critical platforms through cloud-native security and DevOps expertise, backed by a team that are passionate about open-source and a culture of open collaboration.

We build and secure zero trust platforms

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