Optimize Security Across Your Supply Chain

Secure your Software Supply Chain

Effectively assess and enhance the security of your platforms and software.
Avoid late-stage intervention and delayed releases leading to regulatory fines, reputational damage and impact on customers.

Maximize Speed, Minimize Risk

Why does Supply Chain Security matter?

Attacks are growing year on year
Organisations are more interconnected than ever
Software complexity is intensifying
Regulators are paying attention

We have collaborated with industry and academia to support secure supply chains since 2017, and sit on the in-toto steering committee, underpinning our commitment to globally-adopted security standards.

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Understand Threats to Your Software Delivery

Our Software Supply Chain Security Assessment identifies security risks in your organisation’s Software Supply Chain.

We work with you to explore your development security: from the moment dependencies enter your organisation, through secure build and packaging, to the final artefacts being deployed or distributed.

You will receive a report detailing which aspects of your Software Supply Chain pose the most significant risks to your organisation and what actions you can perform to mitigate these. Additionally, engineering teams will gain valuable insights into best practices you can implement for building and distributing your software artefacts thereby increasing user trust in your products and services.

What do you get?

Deliverables included in the default offering:

  • Executive summary
  • Categorised findings
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Risk review
  • Roadmap

Further deliverables that can be added include:

  • Attack trees
  • In-depth remediations advice
  • Controls mapping
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Maturity Level report
  • Strategic workstream proposals

Who’s it for?

Organisations that are consumers and/or producers of software artefacts (containers, binaries, source code etc) and are looking to:

How is this delivered?

The Supply Chain Security Assessment includes:

  • Direct access to a team of experienced professionals who can tailor the assessment to the organisation’s unique needs and requirements
  • A fresh assessment that is not based on a standard template or output, providing a more comprehensive and personalised evaluation of the security posture of the organisation’s Software Supply Chain

What’s next?

Following on from the findings, we can:

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We've secured high value supply chains in the world's most regulated industries.

Reduce intrinsic risk and capital expenditure

Empowering Your Business

  • Direct access to a team of experienced professionals
  • Evaluation of your environment against industry standards
  • Tailored assessment to meet your unique needs and requirements
  • Actionable recommendations for remediation and a roadmap for improvement

Frequently asked questions

Don’t see your question? Email us: solutions@control-plane.io

Yes, all our packages are customisable to your needs.

This assessment requires 20 person days, but the engagement can be customised to spend more time on certain areas of interest.

Yes, we can tailor this engagement to provide actionable results that are compatible with guidelines such as the CIS Software Supply Chain Security Guide. Let us know about your specific requirements!