Cut Costs, Boost Security

Secure Your Systems Faster

Effectively assess and enhance the security of your platforms and software.
Achieve greater security and compliance than late-stage intervention.

Cluster Security Health Check

Security essentials to get your system live fast.

1 week  fixed cost

Single cluster assessment

  • Executive summary
  • Categorised findings
  • Actionable recommendations
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Cluster Fleet Threat Model


Creating a roadmap to secure your cluster fleet

3 weeks  fully customisable

For organisations scaling operations around a single cluster technology

  • All outputs from Cluster Security Health Check
  • Attack trees
  • Risk review
  • Controls mapping
  • In-depth remediations
  • Roadmap
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Container Security Maturity Assessment

Inform your estates' container security strategy

Call us  bespoke package

For organisations with multiple container orchestration platforms

  • All outputs from Cluster Fleet Threat Model
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Maturity level report
  • Proposed Strategic work streams for remediation
  • Ongoing support and assistance
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Maximize Speed, Minimize Risk

Threat Models

Move to production faster and more securely at your risk level.

Cluster Security Health Check Cluster Fleet Threat Model Container Security Maturity Assessment
Executive summary
Categorised findings
Actionable recommendations
Attack trees
Risk review
Controls mapping
In-depth remediations
Maturity Assessment
Maturity Level report
Strategic workstream proposals

Everything you need

Know your adversary

Threat modelling keeps you ahead of the competition.

Reduce Risk
Minimize risk by identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities.
Minimise Costs
Avoid costly rework, system downtime, legal liabilities, and reputational damage
Compliance and Regulatory Conformance
Identify potential gaps in security and data protection.
Improve Stakeholder Confidence
Stronger relationships, increased customer trust, and enhanced brand reputation.

Attack Trees Illuminate Vulnerabilities

Gain insight into potential attack paths and engage stakeholders in the threat mitigation process. Ensure alignment on quantifiable security priorities.

Share a visual language.

Navigate complex attack scenarios with ease

Understand your controls.

Map potential attack vectors and implement effective countermeasures.

Quantify security.

Fortify your defenses in order of precedence.

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Choose Your Security Level: Customizable Packages to Fit Your Needs

Threat Model Package Comparison

Our packages build on each other to provide the level of support you need.

Offering Environment Key Focus Outputs
Cluster Security Health Check Single cluster, prior to go-live Quick identification and remediation of key deficiencies Slide deck presentation
Cluster Fleet Threat Model Multiple clusters using a single container orchestration platform Comprehensive analysis of the security threats facing the organisation’s clusters supported by a remediations roadmap Detailed threat modelling and remediation report
Container Security Maturity Assessment Container-based workloads in an organisation Organisational control assessment against industry-standard frameworks and identification of strategic remediation workstreams Maturity assessment report, threat model report, strategic workstream proposals

Fast-Track Your Single Cluster Security

Accelerate your single cluster security with laser-focused assessments that offer immediate results.


  • Expert-guided, tailored assessment
  • Immediate identification of flaws
  • Quick wins for deployment

Who’s it For?

Perfect for organizations nearing deployment or in need of a security sprint. Get secure, get live.

  • Single cluster operations
  • Preparing to go live
  • Regulatory needs

Customer Journey

From vulnerability scenarios to hands-on remediation, we stay with you through every sprint and hurdle.

  • Scenario-based threat modelling
  • Remediation support
  • Penetration tests

Dive deeper into the labyrinth of your multi-cluster environments. We decode complexity, offering custom solutions for your unique challenges.


  • Custom-tailored analysis
  • Fresh, comprehensive insights
  • Actionable game plan

Who’s it For?

Don’t just protect; perfect your security posture. Ideal for organizations navigating the intricate web of multi-cluster operations using a single container orchestration platform.

  • Multiple cluster setups
  • Tech discovery phases
  • Regulatory compliance

Customer Journey

We’re not just advisors; we’re your offensive security partners. From actionable threat models to long-term maturity plans, we have you covered.

  • Offensive security capabilities
  • Detailed lower-level threat models
  • Maturity assessment

Secure Your Containerized Applications

Turn your container estates into fortresses. We align your container strategies with industry benchmarks for ironclad security.


  • Direct access to seasoned pros
  • Industry-standard benchmarks
  • Custom-tailored roadmap

Who’s it For?

Step up your container game. Ideal for organizations keen on compliance and looking to harmonize their container strategies across a multi-platform estate.

  • Containerized applications
  • Compliance goals
  • Security harmonization

Customer Journey

We turn recommendations into actions and actions into habit, ensuring your container security stays in peak form.

  • Engineering support for implementations
  • Regular updates and training
  • Strong container security over time

Don't Just Take Our Word For It: Read Our Success Stories

We've secured thousands of clusters for some of the world's most secure companies and clouds.

Reduce intrinsic risk and capital expenditure

Industry Leading Threat Modelling Expertise

  • Direct access to a team of experienced professionals
  • Evaluation of container security controls against industry standards
  • Tailored assessment to meet your unique needs and requirements
  • Actionable recommendations for remediation and a roadmap for improvement

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all our packages are customisable to your needs.

Threat models focus on select concerns and actors, allowing for time-bound completion. We tailor the scope to meet your schedule, delivering targeted insights when you need them.

Threat modeling identifies high-risk system areas before or during development, reducing costly late-stage fixes revealed by penetration testing. It offers deeper insights than existing documentation and tailors security measures to data sensitivity.