Working at ControlPlane

Thanks for your interest in ControlPlane. We promise kind people and interesting work, as well as a human-centric career progression and rocket fuel for your learning goals.

This document explains some background to the company and our core values, and what to expect during the interview process. We focus on making this unbiased and approachable, we hope you’ll enjoy the process.

The Interview Process

We run a four-stage process. Expect a casual discussion centred around your experience, opinions, and aptitude. This may include a take-home challenge for development positions.

We’re not looking for “rockstars”, we want people with a strong work ethic and desire to learn, building a hive-mind of accessible knowledge for themselves and others. ControlPlane is an opportunity for you to extend your career with a cloud native security and/or engineering trajectory, and we want to work with enthusiastic and dedicated people like you!

  • CV and Company Intro (30m): what we do, what you do, how we could work together
  • Technical Interview (45m): understanding if the role is a fit
  • Culture Fit (45m): our ways of working and you
  • CEO Chat (30m): final stage to align expectations

Our Core Values

Take the initiative 👷

  • Proactive ownership
  • Fail gracefully without blame, complaint, or justification
  • Turn problems into solutions

Kind collaboration ⛰️

  • Leave it better than we found it
  • Drop the ladder for others
  • Strong opinions, loosely held

Growth mindset 🌱

  • Lifelong learning
  • Cheerfully optimistic and open to challenge
  • Grow your skills and build value for yourself, client, and the company


We are ardent community advocates and can be found everywhere from working groups, security committees, international conferences, and local meetups. We have run the CTF for Kubecon over the last few years, deliver (often free!) training at meetups and conferences, and give back to open source with contributions and projects.

Come and say hello to anybody at ControlPlane for an honest discussion of what it’s like to work here.

Our Clients

We work with regulated organisations to fix difficult and interesting security problems in bleeding-edge technologies. We deliver business value by unlocking the potential of new software and patterns for global organisations including cloud providers, financial services, healthcare, insurance and governments.

Your Goals

We look to support and amplify individuals’ goals and aspirations while they choose to share their career arc with ControlPlane, and provide copious opportunities for personal and professional development.

From collaborating with colleagues within the organisation to a training budget flexible enough to lead learning expeditions, we focus on bringing everybody forward together and learning as a collective.

Our clients and products also offer the opportunity to work on complex problems, industry-leading solutions, and develop the experience to progress yourself and your career.

We want you to be confident in your abilities and to back yourself as a colleague who can achieve in our fast-paced, person-centric environment. You will be treated with the respect and trust to make decisions and deliver the tasks expected of you, to advance the company’s interests in sync with your own.

The Work

We differentiate ourselves from other cloud native or DevOps organisations by intertwining security into the fabric of our work: from gathering requirements to signing off projects, we care deeply about keeping data safe and secure.

We aim to be industry defining, and make the world a safer place through our cyber security solutions, education, and innovation. We are security at the bleeding edge of cloud, compassionate and measured consulting and training to safely balance technology and humans.

Our Agile team are fundamental to how we work, facilitating efficient process and operating as the icebreaker of kindness between people and teams. Our engineers across security, infrastructure, and development, are empowered with distributed decision-making and clear guard rails and requirements.

We are a remote-first, self-motivated and self-organising group with colleagues concentrated in Europe but working across the globe. There’s no mandatory client travel, although you may be offered the opportunity, and travel to company events is paid for. There are in-person collaboration opportunities with your colleagues in shared workspaces from time-to-time.

We have core hours of 10-4 GMT, and are aware that there are lots of young children, families, and dogs adjacent to the business. From the CEO down we fundamentally believe that life is more important than work: people regularly do the school run and other life activities during the working day. We respect our colleagues’ time with availability notifications, and ensure we have timeblocked time to achieve focused deep work.


If you’ve read this far you know what we’re about: kind people and interesting work. Thank you for your interest, our open roles are listed here and here’s more information about the work we do for our customers.